#FriFotos of the week: Cocktails

I couldn’t let this go, after all, I do like cocktails, and have some collection of cocktail pictures.

Hope you like it.

Last summer had the privilege of meeting Ishay, from The Food and the Fabulous on her 3 months stay in Lisbon. This is us, with another acquaintance at one of the most stunning places in Lisbon – Hotel Mundial Rooftop Terrace, sipping of course, cocktails after a long day enjoying Lisbon.


Having a cocktail with Ishay Govender, the Fabulous  at Mundial Rooftop Terrace – Ishay Govender’ Photo

Of course, and once cocktails are to be taken fresh, nothing beats having Caipiroskas at the beach (because sunbathing can be exhausting, as we all know)


These are the cocktails I like – Summer in Praia dos Salgados, Algarve, Portugal

Some years ago, when learnt about a Chillis in Lisbon, couldn’t help myself with the excitement, love it or hate it, I’ve always liked Chillis Cocktails, that is why I turned out to become a regular (and because it was only 5 minutes from home, it would be too rude not to drop by every now and then) . My favorite cocktail:  the simple Margarita.


One of my fav Margaritas in Lisbon was at Chillis.

Loving a good evening by the shore in Lisbon, one other place I couldn’t stop going was Siesta, a bit off Lisbon, but worth the drive. Mexican food was not even the main reason, these Strawberry Margaritas are a fit for a summer evening.


My fav Strawberry Margarita in Lisbon with a gorgeous view – Lisbon, Portugal

Friends are the best thing in the world, nothing can beat a toast with our dearest. Here, in one of my farewell parties toasting with Redberries sangria.


Toasting with a Friend and my redberries sangria – Lisbon, Portugal

Summers in Portugal can be quite warm, one needs to cool off, preferable with a view.


Cocktails aren’t only for the Summer time, found out, here in Munich that warm cocktails can indeed have their place in very cold winter evenings. My favorite warm cocktail is the feuerzangenbowle – it took me some days to learn how to pronounce it correctly. It’s a sort of gluhwein (mulled wine) but with a dash of Rum, sugar cube and the final touch is lighting up on fire. A true lifesaver when standing at the Christmas Markets and the thermometer shows 6 degrees bellow zero.


Bavarian Christmas Markets typical Cocktail : Feuerzangenbowle – Munich, Germany

Hope you enjoyed my selection,

have a kick ass weekend!



#FriFotos of the Week: Curves

Another Friday, another theme for FriFotos, this week: Curves! yes, I am a lass full of curves, but the ones I am sharing today aren’t mines! 🙂

The most delicious tomatoes I have ever had, in Cours Saleya Market, Nice, France

Found this weird and curvy tomatoes as walking in one of the most beautiful street markets I’ve ever been, Cours Saleya, in Nice, France. Odd on the outside but so juicy and sweet on the inside.

A giant golden ball with a men (just a statue) standing on top of it, in Salzburg, Austria

Took this picture yesterday in Salzburg, Austria. Somehow the modern golden ball facing an old Baroque church turns out on a surprising combination of… curves! 🙂

My new obsession, sometimes I don’t know whether to eat or just gaze at them!

Found my favourite patisserie in Munich, they have this lovely glossy colourful small delicatesses, so curvy and sweet… Can you resist them?

The golden cobblestones as a memorial to all who refused to salute the Nazi plaque (and sometimes were murdered for it).

Right here in Munich, this is a Curve its worth to share, these golden cobblestones are a tribute to the many courageous people who refused to salute the dead Nazi soldiers, so, instead of going through the street with the plaque, they were de-touring on a previous street, many times being caught by the Gestapo forces, who tortured them and not so often they ended up… disappearing..

The most beautiful curves: The designs at the portuguese cobblestones walks – dreadful for high heels, but surely pretty on the eye!

Couldn’t forget the most beautiful curves in the whole world, of course, in Lisbon, the cobblestone walks are decorated with this ancien art. True, you might fail to notice the beauty of it while trying to walk in high heels, but one must admit, aren’t this Curves amazing?

One of the most famous curves:The Monaco Grand Prix

One of the most famous curves in the world, its in Monaco. It must be so exciting to drive in high-speed through this curve…

On the road to the Dead Sea

And finally, the Curvy landscape in Jordan. I shot this on my way to the Dead Sea. We had to get of the car and memorize this moment forever, truly breathtaking.

Hope you enjoyed my FriFotos Selection

Thank you,


Smile, be thankful & Live

Celebrating 2 years of FriFotos


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Must confess I was a bit quizzed when learnt about this week FriFotos theme.

2 it’s ambiguous theme and hope my interpretation can be up to the challenge and honor these 2 years of FriFotos.

As I was going through my pictures it was very clear for me that most of life’s best things come in twos. Don’t believe it?

Pasteis de Belém in Lisbon

Ginginha from Óbidos (Portugal) for two in chocolate cups

Drinking Cocktails with a view in Lisbon

Relaxing in a Mediterranean Sea Resort

Life best moments taste better when we can share them:)

Two tracks in Wadi Rhum Desert, Jordan

Camels walking on the Beach at Dahab, Egypt

Just this, relaxing at Sunset at Northern Coast Egypt

Mini Bocadillos in Madrid (Actually 2 mini bocadillos it’s not really enough :))

2 clocks in Prague


Best things came in twos, like shoes 🙂

well… don’t really need to say much about this, right?

Hope you enjoyed my FriFotos Selection

Thank you,


Smile, be thankful & Live

Wine Tasting Evenings in Lisbon


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One of the best ways to enjoy the closing of the Summer Season is heading to a pleasant terrace afterwork,  luckly for the Lisboneers, expats and random tourists, there are plenty of river shore and ocean shore terrace coffee shops, pubs, restaurants at an arms lenght where you can enjoy these last Summer days, the perfect and smooth transition from “Vacations Mood” to the “Back to Work” mood. Better than that, only a terrace with a view, where we can also enjoy some (good) wine tasting… I bet you have never tought of that!

Yes, there are some wine tasting events year around and almost every week, featuring new or already established Portuguese wines, some are public some are invitation only.

Right before I moved out from Lisbon and headed to this beautiful city (not as beautiful as my Lisbon, of course) I just had to revisite all my favorite places, the list was long and the time was short, but, of course I still had time for a wine tasting with a view!

View from the Delidelux Terrace

There is, though, one regular wine tasting event in Lisbon that got more attention from me:

Cortes de Cima Enologist, Hamilton Silva Reis, explaining the new Sauvignon Blanc, and I must say, its extraordinary!

Delidelux is a gourmet shop where one can find the best of the best products, from cheeses to jams, olive oils and, of course fine wines, besides being a lovely place to have an after work snack – their scones are delicious – but what makes this place really unique is where it is located. Near Sta Apolónia and the well famous night club Lux, Delidelux has one of the most prestigious views in city, almost river level with a huge terrace.

Cortes de Cima (one of my favorite wine producers in Portugal, from Alentejo) wine selection.

First time I went there I fell head over heels with it, one of the perfect places to hang out after a long day at the office, or, just to go there and enjoy the day.

#winelovers and curious approaching the Cortes de Cima wine selection

Once a week there are a wine tasting event, I don’t have to explain how appealing it is to spend  a pleasant evening tasting great wine with the explanation of a sommelier – and for free – while enjoying the view, chit chatting with friends and complete strangers, why not?

It would be too rude of me not to taste those amazing wines, right?

Smile, be thankful and live,

Paula Cristina Neto

#FriFotos My favourite photos of the week #Summer


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It almost seems ironic, me sharing my favourite photos of the week #FriFotos with the theme Summer, being here, in Munich, where its raining since early morning. Nevertheless I don’t feel sad nor even that very portuguese feeling “Saudade” from Portugal sunny and warm summer days.

What Summer means for me? well, lots of things.. Being from Portugal I don’t usually do Summer/Beach vacations abroad, what for, right? So most of my summer #FriFotos of the week are from Portugal, and, because I’ve lived also in a Country where the summer is very generous and has a large coast (Egypt) I’ve included some of the Summer photos from there too.

Hope you enjoy my #FriFotos selection 🙂

Grilled Fresh Fish in a hot summer day

Of course I had to start with food… not that one can only have fresh fish in the summer, but in Portugal, there is something about having these grilled fish lunches sitting outside in a nice restaurant… can’t explain it… its social, cultural and delicious… This is summer…

Sea Food Indulgence in Alexandria, Egypt

But not only in Portugal the fish and sea food is delicious, this is me in Alexandria, Egypt indulging myself with a sea food selection and yes, we were sitting outside in a very warm summer night… yes, this is summer!

Summer sports in Algarve, Portugal

I’ve captured this image some years ago in a small beach near Vila Real de Santo António, Algarve, for me, it illustrates summer vacations…. This is summer…

Walking on the beach, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal

Summer, for me, means long walks on the beach at sunset…

A break from the sunbathing, in Praia dos Salgados, Algarve, Portugal

Sunbathing can be exhausting, to face this and recover energies, the perfect way of enjoying summer, here in Portugal (and in my opinion, of course) is to escape from the sand for a couple of hours and sit under a shadow, sipping some cocktails to cool and relax… this is summer…

A walk in Ria Formosa Natural Park, Algarve, Portugal

Spending a couple of weeks in Algarve doesn’t mean just going to the beach, that is boring, means also to sight-seeing and discover the other Algarve that many tourists disregard. Ria Formosa Natural Park is a beautiful park with amazing landscape, and of course, I get the chance of wearing my summer hats 🙂 This is summer…

Sunset at Costa da Caparica, Almada, Portugal

Don’t be fooled, one can find great beaches near Lisbon as well… Costa da Caparica beaches are some of those great beaches. Because the traffic gets crazy after 6pm, one of my biggest pleasures is to watch the sunset after a energizing beach day… This is summer…

Fresh and Cool summer drinks

And how to face the hot summer days in Portugal? well… sometimes we have to have some fresh cool drinks… oh well… tough life…  Strawberry Margaritas at Siesta (Mexican Restaurant), Sangria at Noobai in Bairro Alto or red cocktails in Belém,  there are many options for cooling in Lisbon..This is summer…

Summer means Birthday for me!

The most important thing in summer is of course, my Birthday! This picture its from my 27th birthday in Albufeira, Algarve and the guy behind me is my best friend who threw me a surprise party with a yummy chocolate birthday cake… this is summer…

Hope you enjoyed my Favourite summer #FriFotos 🙂

#FriFotos Street Vendors


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Couldn’t let Friday goes by without my favourite photo selection #FriFotos, this , week with the theme: Street Vendors.

I could have sworn that I had more pictures than these, after all, I do love food meaning taking pictures, eating and, sometimes, falling in love over a certain ingredient or a meal.

I grew up in a small city next to Lisbon, where still these days, the weekly street market takes place (it’s not so common in Portugal since the municipalities decided to have the markets in closed building for hygiene and disease control purposes). Many of my childhood memories include me and my mother fruit and vegetable shopping at the local street market, buying  the goodies straight from the producers (farmers, cheese producers, etc) oddly enough I don’t have pictures of this market (I might have some tomorrow as it’s the local market day)

Hope you enjoy my selection:

Meat vendors in Alexandria, Egypt

This is not a suitable photo if you are sensitive. This one was taken in Alexandria, but these kind of street vendors are very common across Middle East. Concepts as hygiene or diseases are not known, as you might guess.

Camel Market, Cairo, Egypt

I am sure everyone has heard about this urban myth that says that women are kidnaped every year in Middle Eastern countries and traded by camels… well, the blondie on the photo was me (many years ago) and nobody tried to kidnap me or offer our male friend camels for us… So sad for a girl’s ego, right? However, if you are planning to leave on a trip to a Middle Eastern country, these are some numbers you need to know: at this very typical Camel market near Cairo, a camel’s value was a bit more than 5,000 EGP at that time was less than 900€. So, if you ought to be trade by a camel, make sure if its enough camels!

Christmas Market – Brussels, Belgium

uh, I just loooove these street markets, specially in the cold central european winter, the smell of chocolate, gaufres and other yummy things makes me wanna taste everything.

Frankfurt Street Market, Germany

I probably shouldnt remember this, fist time I went to Germany I fell head over heels with street food over there and of course, that came with a price and the following weeks on a diet. Will try to keep it under control now that I am moving in there.

Cours Saleya – The flowers and vegetable Market, Nice, France

Cours Saleya or the Flower and Vegetables Market in Nice is lovely, full of colours, pleasant smells, yummy looking vegetables, fruit, cheeses, olive oils, handmade soaps… well, you know… that delicious food that make us drooling just to look at…

Hope you enjoyed my selection of #FriFotos Street Vendors 🙂

Smile, be thankful and live

#FriFotos Museums


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When I first learned about this week theme I thought to myself “easy peasy”, lost track of how many museums I’ve been, would only have to go throughout my photo albums and choose the best pictures…

not so simple… somehow I didn’t take pictures in museums… it came very clearly to me as I was digging and digging in old photo albums (went all way back till 2004). Turns out that its was a challenge to find museums photos, I guess I have to use my camera more often next times!

Starting with the this photo from Mr. Berardo private collection at Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon.

Berardo Private collection – Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon

Was recently in Portimão where I had the pleasure of visiting the city museum who has an explanatory exhibition of how the canned industry has developed the area, very interesting, totally recommend it, at least the propaganda videos from the “Estado Novo” should not be missed!

Portimão Museum – Vintage canned sardine

Roman Theatre Museum, Lisbon

This museum is lovely and it has a great view with comfy chairs to enjoy it. The Roman Theatre Museum in Lisbon is a small almost invisible museum but worths visiting.

Inca Mummy at Carmo archeological Musem, Lisbon

Looks scaring, but this is an amazing piece of history, and, alongside with other important pieces of the world history can be found at the Carmo archeological Museum in Lisbon.

Musee d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain -Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, Nice, France

And this is me, on my last trip abroad. The Modern and Contemporary Art Museum in Nice is lovely I specially like this “house” with all the messages all over the walls and inside 🙂

The sex machine museum, Prague.

This is actually one of the very few museums I do have pictures from the inside, I just didn’t find them suitable to be posted here… wonder why 🙂

This is it!

Have a great Friday!

Enjoying a great day in Lisbon


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View from Santa Justa Escalator Top

Living in Lisbon or not, there are some places that everyone should visit, at least once!

Visit a Garden

There are a few green spots in the centre of Lisbon, one of these is the Gulbenkian Garden. The best way to describe it is: Imagine a peaceful and luscious green garden with a lake, ducks, birds, hidden tracks and fresh grass where you can lay down and look up at the sky with that  feeling of assurance there is nothing else around, yet, you are in Lisbon city centre.

A piece of Gulbenkian ‘ Garden

Fish for Lunch
I love fish which is great, living in Portugal I know I can always find affordable and splendid fish restaurants.

Antique fish scale – I still remember these scales at the fish market from when I was a little girl

“Sea me” is a trendy fish and seafood restaurant opened a year ago in the most trendy and fashionable district in town – Bairro Alto.

The Counter, remembering old fish Markets

traditional yet very modern 🙂

I love the concept – its a restaurant, a seafood restaurant, a fish market and a sushi bar. I’ts something like Modern fish cuisine fusion (yes, that sounds odd, I am a plain grilled with a splash of lemon fish  person myself)  either way, in my opinion it is the best lunch to have while enjoying a day in Lisbon.

olive oil and sea food paste as a starter

The interior recreates the traditional fish markets in a very contemporary style (Iove it) not the cheapest place (appetizers, main course, dessert, wine and coffee cost about 35€/45€ per person) but it totally worth every cent.

Sea food Risotto and Grilled Salmon 🙂 both delicious!

Very complex orange pie, and of course very Portuguese chocolate mousse with “Cheirinho” (bagaço, a very alcoholic traditional drink)

Have a digestive
One can’t come to Lisbon without having a Ginginha (among many other drinks, of course).

The original Ginjinha

Ginginha is a typical Portuguese liqueur and the place “A Ginginha” is a mandatory stopover, either for tourists or  for Portuguese (in Winter I pop by at least once a week, it really warms up the soul). It is located at Restauradores close to the big theatre Maria II. Ginginha is made of a cherry called Ginja and it is bitter, sweet and very sticky!

More Sightseeing

The Old ruins of Carmo Convent were made into a museum of artifacts collected all over Portugal but from all over the world.

Heralic capstone of Fernão Alvares de Magalhães from the 16th Century

The ruins partially survived the earthquake – even with some pieces missing its an amazing construction.

Inside the non-collapsed structure, this is a beautiful monument

Right off Carmo ruins, you can have one of the best views over lisbon, on top of the Santa Justa Elevator. Some people pay to ride it and get to the top floor, some others know their way around and still get the view free of charge!

Carmo Ruins

Restauradores train station is a beautiful renovated building both outside, with an impressive façade, and inside with the decorative tiles.

The Restauradores Train Station façade

Santa Justa Elevator

Snack time
One thing you have to have in mind is that we LOVE food. Friends of mine,  after spending some days with me at my parents place, told me “Portuguese live to eat” well, it might be true. If we are not eating, we are talking about food, even when having meals we keep talking about food, its culture, you gotta love it!

The one and only: Pastéis de Belém!

Anyone visiting Portugal with Portuguese friends guiding them will take back home with them at least 2 extra kilos, and I am not talking about luggage.

Beautiful view from a terrace with “Padrão dos Descobrimentos” in the horizon line. “Padrão dos Descobrimentos” is a Monument Honouring the famous Portuguese that sailed off to the sea discovering new lands.

Nevertheless having complete lunches we love our afternoon snacks – lanche (well, I love it) can be a little more than just a snack. In the spirit of enjoying a spring day in Lisbon I have the afternoon snack at Pasteis de Belém. This is a cliché and it comes in every tourist guide about Portugal but I can’t avoid it and neither will you!

Amazing Sunset at Belém corniche with the Belém Tower just ahead. Wanna walk?

After too many calories of pure custard pie indulgence an option might be popping by the Centro Cultural de Belém or just walking by the river.

It is a pleasant walk from the Padrão dos Descobrimentos to the  Torre de Belém .

Enjoy Lisbon 🙂

Smile, be thankful and Live!

Paula Cristina Neto

#FriFoto #RoofTops

This #FriFotos theme is #Rooftops and it was a challenge for me to select from the millions of rooftops photos I have been collecting over the years, specially from Cairo. I grew found of photoshoting rooftops while living in Cairo, where I was absolutely amazed with the creativity and chaos that Egyptian Rooftops have. One can see any kind of item in an Egyptian Rooftop, no kidding, and this is what makes it so special for me!

Hope you like my #FriFoto selection

Dyeing cloths in an Egyptian Rooftop

These kind of scenarios are not so usual as one might think, this photo was indeed a catch and the only time I’ve seen it.

chaotic Rooftops in Cairo

These landscape is the most common in Cairo specially in the poorest districts as this one, I don’t remember the name but it’s very close to Cairo’ Citadel.

For my first 4 months in Cairo I’ve lived in a penthouse on the 9th floor of an ancient but mostly beautiful apartment building located downtown Cairo. This was also the view from my bedroom’s balcony.

Midan Taharir – Taharir Square , Cairo – View from my 1st Apartment building rooftop

And from the other side of the apartment building rooftop we had this view over Midah Taharir. People who say that New York is the city that never sleeps never had been to Cairo before the Arab Spring Revolution. The Cairo I knew was THE city that never sleeps, pictures like this one, with this main street completely cars free were so rare that I almost fail to recognize Midan Taharir.

Islamic Rooftops, Cairo, Egypt

This is one of my favourite photos, taken while visiting “Islamic Cairo”, as the name says, it’s the ancient Islamic district.

Amman, Jordan

The chaotic rooftops seem to be a trade mark all over Middle East.

As much as I am found of Egyptian Rooftops, I’ve decided to include some European ones as well 🙂

Frankfurt, Germany

The view isn’t so great, but I can assure that the place where I was standing was amazing! A huge terrace coffee-shop on the top of a shopping mall downtown Frankfurt.

I’ve been to Frankfurt so many times and never as a tourist, so unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to climb those high towers and see other views than this one.

Praha – Czech republic

I love Prague…

Rooftops in Lisbon – View from the St. Jorge Castle

From S. Jorge Castle the view is slightly different, here the apartment building don’t have the same urban planning as the ones one can see from downtown, this area beneath the Castle are the quarters of 3 of the most lovely and typical lisbon quarters: Alfama, Graça and Castelo.

Lisbon Downton, Portugal

Of course I couldn’t do a #FriFoto without a photo from Lisbon. This one was taken from Santa Justa Escalator Rooftop

my former apartment building rooftop in Lisbon, Portugal

Being fan of Rooftops I couldn’t live in an apartment building in Lisbon without a terrace from where I could see Lisbon rooftops, right? So, when in 2008 I’ve moved in to this apartment building, one of the decision points was the imense terrace, open to all the tenants ( young people, mostly artists). Of course I gave it the proper use, had parties, read my books, the newspaper, with the imense Lisbon rooftops on my horizon… what else?

Hope you enjoyed my #FriFotos #RoofTops

smile, be thankful and live

Celebrating #WorldOceansDay your planet’s biggest celebration of the oceans

Hi There!!!

I will try to keep with the #FriFotos day on Twitter, as my first #FriFotos, and because its #WorldOceansDay, I am sharing my best Atlantic Ocean pictures (of course, Portuguese coast!) 🙂


Ilha Terceira, Azores featuring the Atlantic Ocean

Azenha do Mar


The view from Sintra, Peninha


“Praia das Maçãs” (Or at least I think it is, can’t remember for sure)


The view from Ericeira

Cabo Sardão – The only place in Portugal where the storks nest on top of rocks detached from land

Vila Nova de Mil Fontes

Porto Côvo

Have a great weekend!