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Hi there…

Since we are starting this blog-person relationship I decided that I should come true and open the game… yes, I actually have another blog created with the intention to write about Innovation, but you see, there is a Portuguese saying that says “Em casa de ferreiro espeto de pau”, which is the same that saying that being surrounded by innovation 24/7 actually makes me not having time for writing about it, at my personal account. So, in a mist of bravure and lack of self conscience due to had spent the day sick at home with fever and soar throat, I had that lightbulb moment and realised that I have so much to say about so many things ( but mostly about myself, as any human being, we love to chit-chat about ourselves… guilty as charge)

And what do I have to say about myself that I dear to think that it was worth to create a whole new blog about it?

I actually have a lot, you see… as part of my NY resolution I’ve embraced a new brand positive attitude towards life, thinking positive, believing in myself and not being afraid to dream!

Yes, I am a dreamer and soon enough, I intend to be an achiever! let’s get to that soon… stay tuned!


BTW: you can except to find every kind of post here, city shots of my loved Lisbon, Fashion and trends, motivatinal thumbls… just open you mind and prepare to be amazed!