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If I ough to describe my passions, I would go to a lot of trouble hence I am not the typical one life passion kind of gal, by the opposite, I tend to fall endlessly in love with several things and therefore never become specialist in one.

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”. Albert Einstein

Wine tasting is one of those things…
Up to 3 years ago, I found drinking wine dreadful, it all tasted like bad vinager… and now I understand the reason…spent 25 year in complete blank…

The good thing is that I am recovering that lost time and educating  my palate to good wines, but.

Most of all, I’ve started a long demand looking for the best wines under 6€, sometimes I can go up to 10€, but it’s not really my goal… I have been devoting my last 3 years proving to myself and to others who join the ride, that it is, indeed, possible to find very decent (and extremely awful) under 6€ wines in Portugal, and, of course, i am talking about Portuguese wines.
And because unfortunately i hadn’t took track of my wine tastings, cannot remember all the wines, but from now on, hereby my commitment to this cause, let the quest for good wines under 6€ to start and god bless my liver!


What a best way to start my Wine Diaries than to post about my recent wine tasting experience, and I will always identify the Name, Used grapes (whenever available) Year of Harvest, Region, Producer and Alcohol Degrees and used cap (natural or artificial cork)

Name: Zebro

Grapes: Trincadeira, Aragonez, Touriga Nacional (Portuguese/ Spanish Grapes) and Cabernet Sauvignon – Wine made with certified Organic Grapes

Year of Harvest: 2009

Region: Alentejo

Producer: Sociedade Agrícula da Calha do Grou.

Alchool Degrees: 14%

Used Cap: Natural Cork

Price: 4,89€

The only reason that lead me to buy this wine was because is produced with certified organic grapes, not so commun in Portugal and the only other producer I know in the Organic grapes production has an amazing and outstanding wine, so, I took the chance.

The color: watery Ruby – for an 2009 wine I was expecting it to be a little more dense.

The Smell: A bit acetic, weak intensity, freshy aroma cound’t identify.

The mouth: Light body, a bit tart. Bitter and astringent tannins that left harsh in the mouth opposite to the flavor who was nearly nonexistent.

Overall, not a wine to repeat, unfortunately as I always try to support sustainable and organic agriculture but it is my experience to say that organic grapes can indeed produce good wines.

Disclaimer: As  said previously I am not an expert, just a wine lover, in a quest to find good wines under 6€!