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Yes, it is, I am serious!

Congratulations to all Port Producers for this amazing wine that is placing Portugal in the mouth of the world, literally!
I am not the best Portuguese representative, must say… I don’t really fancy Port too sweet for me, but there is one alternative way to drink it: White port and tonic! . Yes, you read it right! White Port! It’s not very mainstream, the purists say it’s not real port, but, what can I say, that is the way I like it!

Nevertheless whenever I travel I always take a fine bottle of Port to offer to my friends or colleagues along with delicious Pastéis de Belém, yummi… the sweetest way to have meetings and conduct business!
A year ago I had the pleasure of being invited for a cellar visit and dinner at Casa Ferreirinha cellars, and must say, having dinner by candle lights inside the cellar among the barrels of win was one of the best food experiences ever and that is something that I recommend.

Here some photos I took there

Not being a Port fan myself I can only advice the producers I’ve heard about and that turns to be the ones I think should be good, if not the best, so  write down these names :

Ferreira (Casa Ferreirinha)
Ramos Pinto  
Real Companhia Velha

If you would like me to visit your cellars, review your products or services, feel free to contact me!

Cheers with Port!