Continuing with my quest for good wines under 6€ I am happily to announce that last night I’ve tasted for the 1st and shall not be the last time, a terrific wine, one of those wines I hadn’t tasted for quite some time, nor at least an under 6€ wine…

Burmester may not be the most typical Portuguese name for a wine but it’s actually well known for its Port, with the same name (I heard it’s a quite good Port), from the North – Douro Region, I am sure every wine lover in the world has heard about this region.

Can’t give much more info about the producers, unless its a fairly recent company, founded in 1998 and I believe it is moving forward to success!

Name: Burmester Douro DOC

Grape Varieties: Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional

Year of Harvest: 2009

Region: Douro

Producer: Sogevinus Fine Wines S.A.

Alcohol Degrees: 13,5%

Used Cap: Cork

Price: 4,48€

This wine is one of those things in life that it’s almost impossible to describe, first of all I wasn’t expecting such a great tasting from a 4,48€ wine, usually wines at these price range are ordinary, some are good for a dinner with friends or for a cheese table, but not often have I found such a good wine for this price, the opposite has happen several times, I have paid far more for obnoxious wines.

Colour: Ruby

The Nose: Just by swirling and smelling the beautiful aromas rising up from the glass I felt that this wine was special, when I got my nose down into the glass I immerse myself in the wine aroma, it was aromatic and powerfull, in the label they say it has red and black fruits aromas I think I smeel more vanilas and wood, but I am not the real expert here, anyway, marvelous on the nose.

The mouth: the place where the magic happen… do you know that feeling of life changing moments? I certainly had this feeling before, while tasking 20€ or 30€ wine, that desire of keep drinking just for keeping the flavor and the taste in your mouth forever. Unfortunately all those times I try do do that I ended up getting a bit tipsy, that’s the problem with good wines, they should come with no alcohol, just flavor, anyway, this time I restrain myself from pouring more than 2 glasses. In the mouth it has rounded tannins with persistent and balanced end. This is the kind of wines I love, with body and soul!

Overall: You can always recognize an aged in oak casks wine from a ordinary wine, and this wine was aged in French and American casks for 9 months, one must admit, this little details can indeed make the diference. And I still can’t believe it costs less than 5€!

Disclamer: As  said previously I am not an expert, just a wine lover, in a quest to find good wines under 6€!