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Baking is not my cup of tea, as a matter of fact cooking is not my thing, I find it dreadful and a waste of time, however, and once I do love to eat I have been realizing for some time now that sometimes its way better to do it myself!

Every now and then I bake, nothing spectacular or complex, just simple and “light” cakes (light for me is cutting down the sugar and no oil), so today I decided I should go wild and bake a Red Velvet Cake. Why? Cause it’s valentine’s of course!

This morning after my workout went to El corte ingles supermarket, one of the few places where once can find more specific/gourmet/variety of goods to get my supplies.

On my way to the baking section I happen to walk through the chocolate rows and was amazed, found a 99% cocoa chocolate, from lindt, and of course, add it to my shopping bag.Image

It’s no rocket science, I was just a little overwhelmed in the kitchen with so many things and measurements and timings, but in the end it turned out to be great.


One of the best parts of baking is eating the batter, oh yeah… some people find it awful, for me it’s delicious and of course brings back sweet memories, me and my mummy baking…o sweet old days.


Since I am not really a fan of the cream cheese frosting that is usually the used frosting for red velvet cake I didn’t use it, however I did search for alternatives but they all seemed too much, too much greasy, too much sugary, so, my cake shall be served naked!

The result? It could be better, but for the first time, it’s pretty good!!Image