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Long time since my last Wine Diaries – Quest to find good Portuguese wines under 6€ – not that I haven’t been tasting new wines, quite the opposite is just that I have been so busy with everything else that fail to find the time for everything (my bad, i know)
So, here we go…
Last night I tasted a new wine, I didn’t buy it, it was brought to the table by a friend who wants to make sure I take this quest seriously, and I thank him deeply 🙂 I wouldn’t buy this wine, one of my requisites is to be a D.O.C. Wine and this wine is not one, nevertheless it was 5€, so one would think that there could be an exception.

This is a wine from Alentejo, more precisely Fronteira and this is what the label says “ the new Monte da Cal winery, located in Fronteira has always produced wines of exceptional quality. The “Terroir” is dominated by clay-xist soil which means that the grapes water supply is extremely limited and production is very low. As a result, the grapes have a very high concentration of ripeness and flavour, and are harvested in perfect conditions. This wine has only staged in stainless steel in order to preserve its delicious, exuberant and fruity flavours

Well… I don’t really agree with the reason for staging in stainless steel, but one can’t expect much from under 6€ wines, right?

lets start:

Name: Monte da Cal
Grapes: Aragonez, Alfrocheiro and Alicante Boushet
Year of Harvest: 2009
Region: Alentejo
Producer: Adega em Fronteira/ Vinalda
Alchool Degrees: 13,5%
Used Cap: Natural Cork, lower quality
Price: 4,89€

The color: Dark ruby but very watery

The Smell: intense and aromatic, I would say something like earth, animal maybe some vanilla but not sure, promossing and looking forward to tasting it.

The mouth: It has a very light body and this wasn’t the best first impression, found it somehow flat on the mouth, the tannins are roundish, felt a bit astringent, but no character, no personality. I can’t tell weather is bad or good wine, its just… flat with a short finish.

I believe this wine has potential, the region has a lot of potential for strong powerful wines.

Disclaimer: As  said previously I am not an expert, just a wine lover, in a quest to find good wines under 6€!