You will read about Chiado many times, not that is a large quarter in Lisbon, but is by far the most diverse and complete neighborhood where traditional and contemporary coexist and the favorite place for artists, hipsters, models, musicians, etc etc etc hang out. I am not either of those but still love the multi cultural atmosphere.

Yesterday decided to give myself a treat and took 1 hour off work determined to feel Chiado’s energy and get inspired.

Started my walk at Cais das Colunas. For many centuries this place was the main connection between the city and the river Tagus (hate this name, for us is Tejo, so simple and beautiful), and it was previously known as the “city door” this door was also used as a market place for commercial trading. These days, and after many years of requalification works is a delightfluf place to hang out and contemplate the view.

Cais das Colunas

View from Cais das Colunas over "25th April Bridge" and Cristo Rei

Behind Cais das Colunas is the magnificent Praça do Comércio, so many years looking and passing though it and it still takes my breath away.

Terreiro do Paço

Walked up to chiado towards Adamastor, one of the most resplendent viewpoints in Lisbon. Some may say it’s a shady place to go due to the people that usually hang out there, there is a lot of dreadlocks, drums, Jamaican hats,  for me its just a nice place to pass by and see the view.

View from Adamastor

Downhill again and went right to the one of the most sprightly street in Chiado, Rua do Carmo (the only street where you can listen to fado music around the year, coming from a small music car)

Traditional glove shop "Ulisses" in Rua do Carmo

Traditional Jewelry Shop in Rua do Carmo

View from Down the Rua do Carmo

That’s it, a small tour around Chiado 🙂