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I am a fortunate gal, living in a country abounding in great wine producers that my only problem is to find time (and money) taste it all. One of the reasons why I created “Wine Diaries” is to discover new wines and avoid the comfortable choices of always playing safe buying the same wines over and over again. And, so far I had some bad experiences but the good ones make it up for all the vinegary wines out there 🙂

Good surprise indeed was to pick Tinto da Ânfora from the supermarket shelf.

The wine

Name: Tinto da Ânfora
Grapes: Aragonez, Trincadeira, Touriga Nacional and Cabernet Sauvignon
Year of Harvest: 2009
Region: Alentejo
Producer: Bacalhoa
Alcohol Degrees: 14%
Used Cap: Natural Cork
Price: 5,98€
The color: Dark vivid Ruby, opaque

The Smell: intense and aromatic and long. I would guess a pleasant aroma of vanilla and fruit.
The mouth: its a bodied wine, slightly astringent. intense flavour with a long and lingering finish on the mouth.

Overall its a well balanced wine, powerful but not too much. This is the kind of wine I love, was fermented and matured in oak barrels for 12 months which give it this powerful and balanced character. They advise it to have with heavy meals such as meat or flavoured cheeses. I had it with a selection of 3 German cheeses (very heavy and dry) and as main course a very traditional Portuguese meal: Cod fish inside a corn bread flavoured with fresh coriander which is by itself an heavy meal so Tinto da Ânfora was an excelent choice.

Very Traditional, very Portuguese the one and only Cod Fish inside a corn bread... mmnhami

Disclaimer: As  said previously I am not a wine expert, just a wine lover, in a quest to find good Portuguese wines under 6€!