If you are in Lisbon and feel like having a different night out, but with all you are entitled  to in a good night (Fun, food and drinks in this order –  or not, as you please!), keep reading:

After-work drink

The concept of an after-work drink is not very usual in Portugal, mainly because most of the people that work in Lisbon live outside the centre and therefore, rushing home right after work is what most people end up doing.

I fancied an after work drink – it’s good for the mind and for the body, but I am sure you know what I mean.
For an after work drink I usually go to Taberna Iberica, a Spanish tapas and wine bar in just off Av. Liberdade with a cozy environment, funny staff, good food and a great selection of Spanish wines that you can have by the glass. Oh and did I mention the best Spanish tapas?

Inside Shots - The Tapas selection, the long counter.

If you are in the mood for something lighter, ask Tiago (the blond guy behind the counter) for his special cocktail drink – it is a special creation and off menu. It’s a fresh mix of Rosé wine with soda and mint leafs, perfect!

Tiago's special cocktail and Padron Peppers (Pimentos Padrón)

Dining at Adega da Mó

This typical little Portuguese restaurant it’s not a touristic place at all. Adega da Mó is located next to a shabby peep-show, which, in itself,  makes it an unconventional place to have dinner.

Both the owner and staff are old folks but extremely friendly and energetic. Mr. Veiga will be your host and it’s best if you just keep an open mind about him. He’s friendly, picturesque, a real character and speaks up to 5 different languages : Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and German.

I believe he’s around 70 years old but he kicks some ass when it comes to energy and readiness. Oh, and if you are a girl, be sure to kiss him goodbye (on the cheeks!= on your way out (it’s a Portuguese tradition, to say hello with 2 kisses, but it is not something at a restaurant, but, as I said, Adega da Mó is not like any place you have been to before!)
The location itself is very central, bang on downtown (Baixa) and a mere 10 minute-walk from Bairro Alto and, contrary to most restaurants on this district, this one is so cheap and you can be assured that you only get fresh fish and meat.
Ask for his special Sangria –  the only resemblance with one’s idea of sangria is that it comes on a jar and the pieces of fruit. Other than that, this one is very special, is made with a bit of ALL drinks he has in the restaurant – whisky, gin, vodka, bagaço, rum, etc… all mixed up together. Believe me, it is still pretty delicious, but take it easy and don’t let the sweetness fool you.

Mr. Veiga's Sangria, the sign outside and the fresh fish.

Adega da Mó is one of the few places where I know I can have fresh fish at an affordable price. If you look at the pictures all individual courses are huge, I had the cuttlefish with ink (I looooove cuttlefish with ink), which could have easily fed 2 people and it costabout 8€.

Grilled cuttlefish with ink (while eating), Pork Liver, Cachucho fish, Veal Rib and the Grilled cuttlefish course before.

After – Dinner drink

Away from the busy and trendy Bairro Alto is a Medieval Tavern. It’s a kitsch place, with long wooden tables and chairs, and drinks came on clay cups. The staff is dressed up in a middle- aged style and they are all really friendly and funny. On Fridays you also can enhance the middle age experience with live performance of a Celtic band.

The Celtic Band

It’s not a place to hang out for longer as the chairs are pretty uncomfortable, only to warm up til my next stop:

Cais do Sodré

For some people a shabby and tacky place for other just a place full of fun and good music, possibly a recent discovery.

The city town hall has painted the street pink (i.e. the tarmac), so, not dissimilar To the Wizard of Oz, so you just need to follow, not yellow brick road but, the pink tar street.

Just Follow the pink tar street

Pensão Amor

There are no words to describe this Bar, located in Cais do Sodré. It’s Burlesque Themed and it amazes every single soul that walks in there – judging by the queues, there can me many!

Along the 5 floors of this building you can expect to find remake copies of old posters from burlesque shows and peep shows.

Burlesque Posters

There is a room with old sofas (but well cleaned and pretty conformable) which reminds me of my grandma old living room. There is also another room with a stage, a room dressed in leopard and gold with a pole (yes, pole) right in the middle, an erotic library and a beauty salon, and this is only in one of the 5 floors.

Confy sofa room

The Vintage room

The leopard gold room with the Pole

It’s not a cheap place, a beer (imperial) costs 3€ but it beats the unconventional and is truly unique.

Viking is a “normal” bar/night club with a good selection of 80’s rock, a good vibe, nothing unconventional here… except Fabiana. Fabiana is a chubby stripper that performs every night at 1am and 3am and she is not shy, she willingly takes anyone up to the stage with her. Viking is not a strip club, it’s just an unconventional night club where you can dance, have a drink and watch a kitschy strip show in between.

Disclaimer: Because it’s not allowed to take pictures of Pensão Amor and Viking at night I only have day photographs.