I’ve started a new chapter on my wineology diaries, from now on my main focus is tasting oaked matured wines, not that stainless steel matured wines aren’t good, by the contrary, some of them are pretty good, I’ve just realised that these wines have that strong personality that I am found of in wines.

let’s start with the amateur tasting notes:

Name: Fiuza 3 Castas
Red Wine

yes, its empty! 🙂

Grapes: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Touriga Nacional
Year of Harvest: 2011
Region: Tejo
Producer: Fiuza & Bright Soc. Viti. Lda (?) I didn’t find the producer, this company is where the wine was bottled
Alcohol Degrees: 13%
Used Cap: Natural Cork
Price: 3,69€
The color: Vivi Rubi, slightly watery
The Smell: Very fresh and fruity.
The mouth: its a Light bodied wine, it starts as very smooth and velvety, its very fruity and light but with a long finish on the mouth, slightly astringent

Overall its a fresh and light wine but very well balanced. It was matured for 3 month in new oak barrels followed by 3 months in aged oak barrels. The label suggest this wine as a good wine for Roast meat, soft cheese and pasta, I had it with roasted pork ribs and it was a really great choice.
Tejo wines are very underrated, yes, its a fairly new wine region, mostly known by their Moscatel (sweet wine) but I have been discovering some great wines that can compete on the same level with Douro or Alentejo.

Disclaimer: As  said previously I am not a wine expert, just a wine lover, in a quest to find good Portuguese wines under 6€!