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Once a year, since 2005, a large group of friends get together and drive from Lisbon to Sever do Vouga (located 281 kms away) for an energy-refilling weekend.

The Landscape around Sever do Vouga

Turnauga has been our weekend organisers since the very first weekend and, being regulars we can only expect to have the best. The founders, Luis Carneiro and his wife Ana Almeida ensure they are with us during the whole weekend, or as they say “You are our favorite customers” and we feel like that!

From the several activities, from the more extreme – as rafting , paintball, rappel, Archery… to the most traditional, such as family games.

The girls team - Paintball - Looking good, sharp, fierce... but we lost the games.. oh well - 2009

We had tried it all and our favorite is always paddling in the calm river Vouga, where we can paddle at our own pace with a few stops to have some drinks or snacks.

My best moment...of course I totally missed the target - 2010

A normal paddling session takes less than 1 hour but ours always gets to 3 to 4 hours and we couldn’t have more fun than that.

Taking the canoes down to the river Vouga. - 2005

We always stay in a local guest house, nothing fancy, actually very simple but, as everything in Northern Portugal, even the most humble and simple guest houses have the most warm welcoms ever!

All set and ready to paddle! - 2010

Time for a fresh drink break - 2010

Usually we depart early morning on Saturday and have a picnic style lunch at the river-beach park. On Saturday night, we dine at a local restaurant, nothing luxurious but the food is always delicious and homemade.

Another amazing view


Amazing view, looks like a postcard!

The green and luscious scenario, the mountain roads, the river and the people make this small and village a perfect city getaway.

It was in Sever do Vouga that I saw, for the very first time in my life, a  glow-warm, which until then I thought it was an urban myth. It is an ancient village, but it has been rebuilt, so it’s very common to find “new” buildings side to side with old but lifted facades and, because it is so near to Aveiro there are a lot of youngsters around, so the nightlife is also unexpectedly alive!

Sever do Vouga Central Park

Once a year there is the Blueberry Festival and the streets are filled with all sorts of products made out of blueberries such pies, liquors, jams, cookies… everything you can image and more! This delicious festival usually takes place on the last week of June.

Very near from Sever do Vouga there is this Natural Park called "Parque da Cabreia"

at "Parque da Cabreia"

The views are incredible and breathtaking and the air is fresh – just about what I need in a city getaway.