This #FriFotos theme is #Rooftops and it was a challenge for me to select from the millions of rooftops photos I have been collecting over the years, specially from Cairo. I grew found of photoshoting rooftops while living in Cairo, where I was absolutely amazed with the creativity and chaos that Egyptian Rooftops have. One can see any kind of item in an Egyptian Rooftop, no kidding, and this is what makes it so special for me!

Hope you like my #FriFoto selection

Dyeing cloths in an Egyptian Rooftop

These kind of scenarios are not so usual as one might think, this photo was indeed a catch and the only time I’ve seen it.

chaotic Rooftops in Cairo

These landscape is the most common in Cairo specially in the poorest districts as this one, I don’t remember the name but it’s very close to Cairo’ Citadel.

For my first 4 months in Cairo I’ve lived in a penthouse on the 9th floor of an ancient but mostly beautiful apartment building located downtown Cairo. This was also the view from my bedroom’s balcony.

Midan Taharir – Taharir Square , Cairo – View from my 1st Apartment building rooftop

And from the other side of the apartment building rooftop we had this view over Midah Taharir. People who say that New York is the city that never sleeps never had been to Cairo before the Arab Spring Revolution. The Cairo I knew was THE city that never sleeps, pictures like this one, with this main street completely cars free were so rare that I almost fail to recognize Midan Taharir.

Islamic Rooftops, Cairo, Egypt

This is one of my favourite photos, taken while visiting “Islamic Cairo”, as the name says, it’s the ancient Islamic district.

Amman, Jordan

The chaotic rooftops seem to be a trade mark all over Middle East.

As much as I am found of Egyptian Rooftops, I’ve decided to include some European ones as well 🙂

Frankfurt, Germany

The view isn’t so great, but I can assure that the place where I was standing was amazing! A huge terrace coffee-shop on the top of a shopping mall downtown Frankfurt.

I’ve been to Frankfurt so many times and never as a tourist, so unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to climb those high towers and see other views than this one.

Praha – Czech republic

I love Prague…

Rooftops in Lisbon – View from the St. Jorge Castle

From S. Jorge Castle the view is slightly different, here the apartment building don’t have the same urban planning as the ones one can see from downtown, this area beneath the Castle are the quarters of 3 of the most lovely and typical lisbon quarters: Alfama, Graça and Castelo.

Lisbon Downton, Portugal

Of course I couldn’t do a #FriFoto without a photo from Lisbon. This one was taken from Santa Justa Escalator Rooftop

my former apartment building rooftop in Lisbon, Portugal

Being fan of Rooftops I couldn’t live in an apartment building in Lisbon without a terrace from where I could see Lisbon rooftops, right? So, when in 2008 I’ve moved in to this apartment building, one of the decision points was the imense terrace, open to all the tenants ( young people, mostly artists). Of course I gave it the proper use, had parties, read my books, the newspaper, with the imense Lisbon rooftops on my horizon… what else?

Hope you enjoyed my #FriFotos #RoofTops

smile, be thankful and live