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View from Santa Justa Escalator Top

Living in Lisbon or not, there are some places that everyone should visit, at least once!

Visit a Garden

There are a few green spots in the centre of Lisbon, one of these is the Gulbenkian Garden. The best way to describe it is: Imagine a peaceful and luscious green garden with a lake, ducks, birds, hidden tracks and fresh grass where you can lay down and look up at the sky with that  feeling of assurance there is nothing else around, yet, you are in Lisbon city centre.

A piece of Gulbenkian ‘ Garden

Fish for Lunch
I love fish which is great, living in Portugal I know I can always find affordable and splendid fish restaurants.

Antique fish scale – I still remember these scales at the fish market from when I was a little girl

“Sea me” is a trendy fish and seafood restaurant opened a year ago in the most trendy and fashionable district in town – Bairro Alto.

The Counter, remembering old fish Markets

traditional yet very modern 🙂

I love the concept – its a restaurant, a seafood restaurant, a fish market and a sushi bar. I’ts something like Modern fish cuisine fusion (yes, that sounds odd, I am a plain grilled with a splash of lemon fish  person myself)  either way, in my opinion it is the best lunch to have while enjoying a day in Lisbon.

olive oil and sea food paste as a starter

The interior recreates the traditional fish markets in a very contemporary style (Iove it) not the cheapest place (appetizers, main course, dessert, wine and coffee cost about 35€/45€ per person) but it totally worth every cent.

Sea food Risotto and Grilled Salmon 🙂 both delicious!

Very complex orange pie, and of course very Portuguese chocolate mousse with “Cheirinho” (bagaço, a very alcoholic traditional drink)

Have a digestive
One can’t come to Lisbon without having a Ginginha (among many other drinks, of course).

The original Ginjinha

Ginginha is a typical Portuguese liqueur and the place “A Ginginha” is a mandatory stopover, either for tourists or  for Portuguese (in Winter I pop by at least once a week, it really warms up the soul). It is located at Restauradores close to the big theatre Maria II. Ginginha is made of a cherry called Ginja and it is bitter, sweet and very sticky!

More Sightseeing

The Old ruins of Carmo Convent were made into a museum of artifacts collected all over Portugal but from all over the world.

Heralic capstone of Fernão Alvares de Magalhães from the 16th Century

The ruins partially survived the earthquake – even with some pieces missing its an amazing construction.

Inside the non-collapsed structure, this is a beautiful monument

Right off Carmo ruins, you can have one of the best views over lisbon, on top of the Santa Justa Elevator. Some people pay to ride it and get to the top floor, some others know their way around and still get the view free of charge!

Carmo Ruins

Restauradores train station is a beautiful renovated building both outside, with an impressive façade, and inside with the decorative tiles.

The Restauradores Train Station façade

Santa Justa Elevator

Snack time
One thing you have to have in mind is that we LOVE food. Friends of mine,  after spending some days with me at my parents place, told me “Portuguese live to eat” well, it might be true. If we are not eating, we are talking about food, even when having meals we keep talking about food, its culture, you gotta love it!

The one and only: Pastéis de Belém!

Anyone visiting Portugal with Portuguese friends guiding them will take back home with them at least 2 extra kilos, and I am not talking about luggage.

Beautiful view from a terrace with “Padrão dos Descobrimentos” in the horizon line. “Padrão dos Descobrimentos” is a Monument Honouring the famous Portuguese that sailed off to the sea discovering new lands.

Nevertheless having complete lunches we love our afternoon snacks – lanche (well, I love it) can be a little more than just a snack. In the spirit of enjoying a spring day in Lisbon I have the afternoon snack at Pasteis de Belém. This is a cliché and it comes in every tourist guide about Portugal but I can’t avoid it and neither will you!

Amazing Sunset at Belém corniche with the Belém Tower just ahead. Wanna walk?

After too many calories of pure custard pie indulgence an option might be popping by the Centro Cultural de Belém or just walking by the river.

It is a pleasant walk from the Padrão dos Descobrimentos to the  Torre de Belém .

Enjoy Lisbon 🙂

Smile, be thankful and Live!

Paula Cristina Neto