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When I first learned about this week theme I thought to myself “easy peasy”, lost track of how many museums I’ve been, would only have to go throughout my photo albums and choose the best pictures…

not so simple… somehow I didn’t take pictures in museums… it came very clearly to me as I was digging and digging in old photo albums (went all way back till 2004). Turns out that its was a challenge to find museums photos, I guess I have to use my camera more often next times!

Starting with the this photo from Mr. Berardo private collection at Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon.

Berardo Private collection – Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon

Was recently in Portimão where I had the pleasure of visiting the city museum who has an explanatory exhibition of how the canned industry has developed the area, very interesting, totally recommend it, at least the propaganda videos from the “Estado Novo” should not be missed!

Portimão Museum – Vintage canned sardine

Roman Theatre Museum, Lisbon

This museum is lovely and it has a great view with comfy chairs to enjoy it. The Roman Theatre Museum in Lisbon is a small almost invisible museum but worths visiting.

Inca Mummy at Carmo archeological Musem, Lisbon

Looks scaring, but this is an amazing piece of history, and, alongside with other important pieces of the world history can be found at the Carmo archeological Museum in Lisbon.

Musee d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain -Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, Nice, France

And this is me, on my last trip abroad. The Modern and Contemporary Art Museum in Nice is lovely I specially like this “house” with all the messages all over the walls and inside 🙂

The sex machine museum, Prague.

This is actually one of the very few museums I do have pictures from the inside, I just didn’t find them suitable to be posted here… wonder why 🙂

This is it!

Have a great Friday!