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Couldn’t let Friday goes by without my favourite photo selection #FriFotos, this , week with the theme: Street Vendors.

I could have sworn that I had more pictures than these, after all, I do love food meaning taking pictures, eating and, sometimes, falling in love over a certain ingredient or a meal.

I grew up in a small city next to Lisbon, where still these days, the weekly street market takes place (it’s not so common in Portugal since the municipalities decided to have the markets in closed building for hygiene and disease control purposes). Many of my childhood memories include me and my mother fruit and vegetable shopping at the local street market, buying  the goodies straight from the producers (farmers, cheese producers, etc) oddly enough I don’t have pictures of this market (I might have some tomorrow as it’s the local market day)

Hope you enjoy my selection:

Meat vendors in Alexandria, Egypt

This is not a suitable photo if you are sensitive. This one was taken in Alexandria, but these kind of street vendors are very common across Middle East. Concepts as hygiene or diseases are not known, as you might guess.

Camel Market, Cairo, Egypt

I am sure everyone has heard about this urban myth that says that women are kidnaped every year in Middle Eastern countries and traded by camels… well, the blondie on the photo was me (many years ago) and nobody tried to kidnap me or offer our male friend camels for us… So sad for a girl’s ego, right? However, if you are planning to leave on a trip to a Middle Eastern country, these are some numbers you need to know: at this very typical Camel market near Cairo, a camel’s value was a bit more than 5,000 EGP at that time was less than 900€. So, if you ought to be trade by a camel, make sure if its enough camels!

Christmas Market – Brussels, Belgium

uh, I just loooove these street markets, specially in the cold central european winter, the smell of chocolate, gaufres and other yummy things makes me wanna taste everything.

Frankfurt Street Market, Germany

I probably shouldnt remember this, fist time I went to Germany I fell head over heels with street food over there and of course, that came with a price and the following weeks on a diet. Will try to keep it under control now that I am moving in there.

Cours Saleya – The flowers and vegetable Market, Nice, France

Cours Saleya or the Flower and Vegetables Market in Nice is lovely, full of colours, pleasant smells, yummy looking vegetables, fruit, cheeses, olive oils, handmade soaps… well, you know… that delicious food that make us drooling just to look at…

Hope you enjoyed my selection of #FriFotos Street Vendors 🙂

Smile, be thankful and live