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One of the best ways to enjoy the closing of the Summer Season is heading to a pleasant terrace afterwork,  luckly for the Lisboneers, expats and random tourists, there are plenty of river shore and ocean shore terrace coffee shops, pubs, restaurants at an arms lenght where you can enjoy these last Summer days, the perfect and smooth transition from “Vacations Mood” to the “Back to Work” mood. Better than that, only a terrace with a view, where we can also enjoy some (good) wine tasting… I bet you have never tought of that!

Yes, there are some wine tasting events year around and almost every week, featuring new or already established Portuguese wines, some are public some are invitation only.

Right before I moved out from Lisbon and headed to this beautiful city (not as beautiful as my Lisbon, of course) I just had to revisite all my favorite places, the list was long and the time was short, but, of course I still had time for a wine tasting with a view!

View from the Delidelux Terrace

There is, though, one regular wine tasting event in Lisbon that got more attention from me:

Cortes de Cima Enologist, Hamilton Silva Reis, explaining the new Sauvignon Blanc, and I must say, its extraordinary!

Delidelux is a gourmet shop where one can find the best of the best products, from cheeses to jams, olive oils and, of course fine wines, besides being a lovely place to have an after work snack – their scones are delicious – but what makes this place really unique is where it is located. Near Sta Apolónia and the well famous night club Lux, Delidelux has one of the most prestigious views in city, almost river level with a huge terrace.

Cortes de Cima (one of my favorite wine producers in Portugal, from Alentejo) wine selection.

First time I went there I fell head over heels with it, one of the perfect places to hang out after a long day at the office, or, just to go there and enjoy the day.

#winelovers and curious approaching the Cortes de Cima wine selection

Once a week there are a wine tasting event, I don’t have to explain how appealing it is to spend  a pleasant evening tasting great wine with the explanation of a sommelier – and for free – while enjoying the view, chit chatting with friends and complete strangers, why not?

It would be too rude of me not to taste those amazing wines, right?

Smile, be thankful and live,

Paula Cristina Neto