Another Friday, another theme for FriFotos, this week: Curves! yes, I am a lass full of curves, but the ones I am sharing today aren’t mines! 🙂

The most delicious tomatoes I have ever had, in Cours Saleya Market, Nice, France

Found this weird and curvy tomatoes as walking in one of the most beautiful street markets I’ve ever been, Cours Saleya, in Nice, France. Odd on the outside but so juicy and sweet on the inside.

A giant golden ball with a men (just a statue) standing on top of it, in Salzburg, Austria

Took this picture yesterday in Salzburg, Austria. Somehow the modern golden ball facing an old Baroque church turns out on a surprising combination of… curves! 🙂

My new obsession, sometimes I don’t know whether to eat or just gaze at them!

Found my favourite patisserie in Munich, they have this lovely glossy colourful small delicatesses, so curvy and sweet… Can you resist them?

The golden cobblestones as a memorial to all who refused to salute the Nazi plaque (and sometimes were murdered for it).

Right here in Munich, this is a Curve its worth to share, these golden cobblestones are a tribute to the many courageous people who refused to salute the dead Nazi soldiers, so, instead of going through the street with the plaque, they were de-touring on a previous street, many times being caught by the Gestapo forces, who tortured them and not so often they ended up… disappearing..

The most beautiful curves: The designs at the portuguese cobblestones walks – dreadful for high heels, but surely pretty on the eye!

Couldn’t forget the most beautiful curves in the whole world, of course, in Lisbon, the cobblestone walks are decorated with this ancien art. True, you might fail to notice the beauty of it while trying to walk in high heels, but one must admit, aren’t this Curves amazing?

One of the most famous curves:The Monaco Grand Prix

One of the most famous curves in the world, its in Monaco. It must be so exciting to drive in high-speed through this curve…

On the road to the Dead Sea

And finally, the Curvy landscape in Jordan. I shot this on my way to the Dead Sea. We had to get of the car and memorize this moment forever, truly breathtaking.

Hope you enjoyed my FriFotos Selection

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