I couldn’t let this go, after all, I do like cocktails, and have some collection of cocktail pictures.

Hope you like it.

Last summer had the privilege of meeting Ishay, from The Food and the Fabulous on her 3 months stay in Lisbon. This is us, with another acquaintance at one of the most stunning places in Lisbon – Hotel Mundial Rooftop Terrace, sipping of course, cocktails after a long day enjoying Lisbon.


Having a cocktail with Ishay Govender, the Fabulous  at Mundial Rooftop Terrace – Ishay Govender’ Photo

Of course, and once cocktails are to be taken fresh, nothing beats having Caipiroskas at the beach (because sunbathing can be exhausting, as we all know)


These are the cocktails I like – Summer in Praia dos Salgados, Algarve, Portugal

Some years ago, when learnt about a Chillis in Lisbon, couldn’t help myself with the excitement, love it or hate it, I’ve always liked Chillis Cocktails, that is why I turned out to become a regular (and because it was only 5 minutes from home, it would be too rude not to drop by every now and then) . My favorite cocktail:  the simple Margarita.


One of my fav Margaritas in Lisbon was at Chillis.

Loving a good evening by the shore in Lisbon, one other place I couldn’t stop going was Siesta, a bit off Lisbon, but worth the drive. Mexican food was not even the main reason, these Strawberry Margaritas are a fit for a summer evening.


My fav Strawberry Margarita in Lisbon with a gorgeous view – Lisbon, Portugal

Friends are the best thing in the world, nothing can beat a toast with our dearest. Here, in one of my farewell parties toasting with Redberries sangria.


Toasting with a Friend and my redberries sangria – Lisbon, Portugal

Summers in Portugal can be quite warm, one needs to cool off, preferable with a view.


Cocktails aren’t only for the Summer time, found out, here in Munich that warm cocktails can indeed have their place in very cold winter evenings. My favorite warm cocktail is the feuerzangenbowle – it took me some days to learn how to pronounce it correctly. It’s a sort of gluhwein (mulled wine) but with a dash of Rum, sugar cube and the final touch is lighting up on fire. A true lifesaver when standing at the Christmas Markets and the thermometer shows 6 degrees bellow zero.


Bavarian Christmas Markets typical Cocktail : Feuerzangenbowle – Munich, Germany

Hope you enjoyed my selection,

have a kick ass weekend!