Paula Cristina Neto is an experienced Strategic Marketing Consultant and social media enthusiast. Having worked in E-business Implementation Projects, wine Marketing ONG’s and most recently a strong Entrepreneurship and innovation passionate flying the Flag for the European Young Innovators Forum http://www.eyif.eu.
She loves Lisbon, lost track of how many times has guided her international friends around the 7 hills and beyond. Occasionally she also goes on small road trips through inner Portugal and of course, abroad, always scouting for good food, wine and city getaways . Around the City in 7 Worlds is a blog about her enjoying life and she takes this mission very seriously.

“If you give all what you have at every situation in life that is when the magic happens, it doesn’t have to be perfect, perfect sucks! Its has to be you, all your energy and everything you have!”

If you would like writer behind Around the City in 7 Worlds to review your services or products feel free to ask.
Disclaimer: You will read every now and then in this blog this Quote “Act like a Lady and think like a boss” and the reason for this is so simple… As everyone knows, to “Act like a Lady” means having a proper vocabulary, walking with elegance, being graceful, serene and remembering that I am to be respected and that no one should be allowed to cross my boundaries. To “think like a Boss” means thinking about what’s better for the office, A.K.A. my life! simple as that!


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